Record, playback and export tests in seconds!


Create tests in seconds

Record input-streams instantly, without writing any code and save valuable time to focus on the important parts of development.

Easy selections & Adjustments

Automatically read values and contents from elements or inputs for assertions.
If you code changes, simply adjust the assertion and your test is fixed.

Export & run anywhere

Playback tests directly or export to protractor to run them in a local or remote test-automation-system of your choice.


Testrec Click! Testrec Pro
Zero-Config-Setup (?)
(automatic installation of selenium)
Advanced Recording of user-interactions (?)
(across iframes, multiple tabs, different frameworks)
Recording of assertions (?)
Step-through and pause playback
Direct Feedback and Error-Hints (?) /
Export/Save to protractor
Full Code-Editor (?)
Image Comparison (?)
Import & Edit existing javascript testfiles (?)
Full Testsuite Playback
Automatic PageModel-extraction (?)
Premium Support
License Free for Non-Commercial use Commercial License
Demo Video View Watch preview
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What OS is supported?

TestRec will be available for Windows, OSX & Linux, the only requirement is an installed, supported browser and Java for selenium.
It runs on electron under the hood.

What browsers are supported?

Any browser, that is supported by selenium: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE (7+), Opera

What type of web-apps can I test?

It doesn't matter if the web-app is made with Angular, React, Backbone, vanilla JS or no JavaScript at all.
Basically any web-app and website is supported.

Do I need to install selenium?

No, TestRec will take care of all that, the first time you start it.

When can I start using it?

You can download and start using the free Testrec Click! right away.
As for Testrec Pro we are currently in private Beta and are signing on more and more users as we progress.
A public Beta is in sight! Just enter your email address above and you'll be the first to know!